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Activity based costing: What are its limitations?

Activity based costing or ABC is a costing method that generally identifies the activities in an organization and allocates the cost of each activity based on their actual consumption. Unlike conventional costing, this specific costing assigns more indirect costs into direct costs. Moreover, with the usage of ABC, the company can manage to soundly estimate the cost essentials of the overall products and activities. This will greatly contribute to the companies the company’s decision to identify and eliminate certain products and services that are unprofitable and adjust the prices of the products if ever they are overpriced. It also helps the company to identify the inconsistencies of the production process and allocate necessary processing concepts for further improvement.

However, there are certain applications of activity based costing that are bound to cost of data gathering required. This is rather common on companies that experience slow processes in their services and administrations. More specifically, the staff time of the companies consumed on each task causes the dominant proportion of the cost. Here are some of the known limitations of ABC.
• Treating fixed costs as variables – ABC generally treats all fixed costs in its calculations as variables and this is rather problematic. This usually causes to inaccurate presentations of the costs which lead to wrong decisions. Like for instance, allotting PPE to individual products will basically lead to suspension of the products due to unprofitability.
• Tracing costs – overhead costs, in some instances, are difficult to allocate to products and customers. These costs are not assigned because there is basically no method yet in doing so. Thus, these unallocated costs must be met by various contributions from each product included in the business.
• Public sector usage – ABC is usually used in public administration sectors and the studies do not provide sufficient evidence regarding the success of its usage.

Analyzing Things Are Very Significant

Sometimes, we tend to overlook things because we want everything to be spontaneous or we just take things for granted since it is not that important to us. However, it is important to have scenario analysis once in a while so that we can see a possible outcome for a certain decision we make and make an action if we want to change that outcome or not. In life, we don’t know what is coming for us, that is why it is important that we are always ready whatever might happen.

Importance of Analyzing
• Prediction – if you are going to analyze a certain situation, you may be able to see possible outcomes. If you don’t like the future you are seeing, you can still make a solution in order to prevent it from happening. Aside from that, you are also capable of holding the power to make it happen or not
• Solutions – In relation to math, if we are presented with a problem, we analyze it so we can come up with a solution. That also applies in our lives. If we are faced with a problem, no matter how big it is, we need to analyze it and see a possible solution so that we will be able to make out of it. This analysis could be beneficial for you in the future especially if you are faced with a similar problem, then you already know what to do
• Progress – believe it or not, analyzing helps us to progress because when we come up to a solution to a certain problem, it means that we’ve overcome a hurdle and able to move on to our lives. Whether we like it or not, problems would really come and go, and those would help us grow better, that is why it is important that we face them head on.

Organize Your cost allocation with Fast and Easy Communication

Organizing finances in your business will be the most important thing you need to do in your business. Finances and the monetary system of your business is going to be the circulatory system that powers other departments (should we say other organs) in your company for better productivity and profit. Your allocations and financial management should all be based on researchers and other objective operations to be able to have an effective course of action upon imminent threats and possible opportunities for your business or for your own company.

Having a Collaborative Team

Your teams and departments inside your own company are important to make this possible. You will need to have an outstanding system or medium for communication wherein even the most urgent problems or most urgent tasks which need to be addressed are possible to be taken care through digital and online swiftly in and outside the working place. Since there are a lot of factors needed to be considered in order for you to efficiently do cost allocation for sales and operations on the present use or for the future, you will need a resource you can make use in order to make you and your employee’s jobs easier.
The Medium: You Need to Prioritize
As a business, you will need to consider factors such as but not limited to
• Current Sales
• History of Sales
• Present Demands
• Past Demands
• Season and Environment
• Production rates based on demands
• Production costs
• Possible Sales
only proves as a testimony itself that every risk being taken by a company or by every business needs a lot of planning and needs a lot of study with substantial information and data in order to be able to have a successful operation at the end of the day. All you have to do is to improve collaboration and make jobs easy for employees.

Learning To Skate Together With Your Edea Skates

Find a venue

Ice skating can be taken up as a recreational activity or as a competitive hobby. However, before learning those double spins and high jumps, the first step in learning this winter sport is to find a nearby venue to practice at. Some venues can just be frozen lakes or ponds, but this will only be available during winter when the environmental temperature drops to freezing. You can look up ice skating venues which can be at malls. There are also buildings that serve the purpose of ice rinks. You can arrange to practice at these facilities for a regular schedule and would often offer some coaches whom you can mentor under. Search for venues near where you reside so you can avoid the hassle of long commutes. Nearby venues will also lessen the time you will travel, and those time can be used in practice instead.

Purchasing Your Blades
Ice rinks in malls would usually have rental ice skates. But if you plan on doing ice skating often and for a long period of time then you should consider acquiring your own pair of skates. This would be a worthy investment especially if you purchase ice skates. But if you plan on doing ice skating often and for a long period of time then you should consider acquiring your own pair of skates. This would be a worthy investment especially if you purchase high-performance skates like edea skates which are high-performance deal ice skates are very known in the skating world because of their performance. Many professional ice skaters use this brand in competitive figure skating. This can also be brought in ice hockey game or ice racing.
Your skates will really define your performance other than you skill. Maintain your ice skates at top shape be properly taking care of them. Your pair would be very prone to rusting as their metal blade is in constant contact with ice. Make sure to clean office shards which can melt and reek havoc to your skates. Keep them dry at all times when not in use. You can even put foam on the blades to prevent oxidation which will lead to ferrous oxide formation. Remember the following when you have your ice skates:
– skates should fit comfortably
– should provide ample foot support
– keep them dry
– sharpen the blades regularly
Training is very important in any performance sport. Schedule your training sessions and make sure to stick to it strictly. Public ice rink venues would usually offer the class type of ice skating lessons. This will allow you to learn with other ice skating enthusiasts. But if you prefer that your coach focuses on you, you can enlist their expertise for private sessions. These ice skating venues would also most likely have contacts to ice skating organizations that hold ice skating competitions. They can include you in these contests to boost your competitive drive.
If you will pursue your ice skating dream, you have to work hard for it. Those spins and jumps may look easy but they actually are very hard to do. Even balancing on the slippery ice surface can be very challenging for beginners. Just always take note that it is alright to fall down and stumble, just make sure that you will stand back up.

When You Decide To Get Pregnant Late

In the old days, women are only seen as those ones who take care of home and take care of children. Men will always take the lead and women are deprived of dreaming for themselves and achieving something. But in the 20th century, this changes a lot as more women become involved in different activities in the society. Nowadays, there are many women who are leaders in the different field and performs a greater role for the betterment of the society. This makes women decide to marriage later in their life and have late pregnancy as this distracts them from achieving their dreams and goals in life.

Aside from this, there are other various reasons why women prefer to have a late pregnancy. Some women would want to enjoy life first and have the freedom to do anything they want.When women get married, they first want to enjoy the time of being married to someone they love and have more bonding time with them. Being pregnant at an early stage of married life is therefore not an option. There can be instances wherein the partner might have some fertility problem and this affects the chances of the women getting pregnant. Defects in genes can also be one of the reasons for failure in pregnancy. 高齡產婦 (advanced maternal age) is a choice among women and it depends on them whenever they decide to have a baby of their own.
Cons of Late Pregnancy
When women are having a late pregnancy, there are some problems that she might encounter and here are some of those:
1. Chances of delivering a baby in a normal way decreases. That is why the Caesarian operation is recommended for those mother delivering baby at the age of 35 and above.
2. Mother will be experiencing too much pain during delivery.
3. The chances of conceiving a baby decrease as women grow older.
4. The chances that the mother will experience health problems as she conceived her child increases significantly.
Solutions through Science
Getting pregnant at age of 30 and above becomes difficult. Thanks to advancement in medical science, there are a lot of option for women to get pregnant. We have this so-called test tube baby wherein an egg can be fertilized outside and can be implanted back to biological mother. This technique increases the probability for fertilization to take place. There are also different ways to address those genetics problems. Different apparatus and blood testing make sure that there is no problem in the fetus while it is being conceived by the mother.

Reasons Why You Need to Hire Logan Airport Car Services

Traveling can be fun but there are times that it can be a hassle. This is when you have so many things with you and it is so difficult to find a cab that fits you and your luggage. If this has been your problem, well you don’t need to stress yourself and ruined your vacation. There are other ways in which you can do about it. One of the best solutions is to hire an airport car services from the airport and lead you to your hotel.
Safe and easy transportation from the airport

Since you are going to an unfamiliar place, the best possible way to reach to your hotel is through taking a cab. But knowing that the airport is full of people, usually, it would take you for a quite some time to get a cab. That is why it is highly suggested to hire Boston Car Service. With this having to wait for your arrival at the airport gives you a sense of assurance as well as you feel safe knowing that there is someone who would take you to your hotel or to your next destination. They have very friendly staffs and drivers that will assist you. Also, they have good and well-maintained cars that will give you comfort during the trip.
Time is important
If you are not in a vacation mode, and you travel or go to Boston for some important meeting or event. Then hiring an airport car services is a good idea. You won’t be late in catching up your next meeting or even a special event. You rest assured that you will arrive on time with the help of car services.
This is a perfect way to travel in style. So if you don’t want to take a cab or risk yourself from getting late, then hiring car services will really change everything.

How to Choose the Right NYC Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you’re looking for the right attorney that can provide you utmost help, make sure that you choose properly. It’s always important to seek for an attorney that can provide you the right services since we all know that the help of a lawyer is a serious matter since we’re talking about the actual law here. Thus, it’s always a must to be wise when choosing the right professional who can assure you the utmost help that you will be needing. In the case of a medical malpractice attorney, you must be more serious than ever when choosing the right one because you experienced malpractice in the medical field – which can affect your overall health.

You need to know how to choose properly when finding an NYC medical malpractice lawyer. To do so, you just need to follow these very important tips:

Find a Lawyer in your Area
For sure there’s a medical malpractice lawyer in your area that’s available for hire since there should be one in most towns and cities around the country. Just do an internet search for the professional for you to be able to find the right one that can assist you when it comes to your concerns in medical malpractice. But be sure to find two to three attorneys before you contact them.

Probe Questions
It’s always important to ask questions from their end for you to learn more about their capabilities. Probe about the procedures that they will be doing as an attorney, as well as the duration needed for the case to be resolved. Check if they are really smart when providing answers to your inquiries for you to find out that they are the right ones to deal with.

These are only two tips, but can provide you the best lawyer that you will find useful for your needs in resolving the case against those who mistreated you as a patient. So be sure to remember these two simple tips, and rest assured that your search will be a very fruitful one indeed.

Why People Have to Undergo a Lie Detector Test

It can be hard for anyone to tell if a person is lying or not. People can fake their emotions as well as their facial expression just to look convincing. Identifying a person who is lying is something that is important in the court. This can be the reason why they have thought of using a lie detector test to help them identify if a person is telling the truth or not. Lie detector can also be used at home as long as you know how to operate it the right way.
How People Can Benefit from a Lie Detector Test
There are many situations wherein you wanted to find the truth so you can have the peace of mind you need. If you are suspecting that your husband has a lover, then performing a lie detector test can be beneficial. For sure, your husband will never tell you that he is having an affair because you can have the reason to file for an annulment and put him in prison.

Not all people can be said honest at all times so there is nothing wrong if you will visit the site if ever that you need to perform a lie detector test. This can also free you from wrong accusation because after undergoing the test, people will find out that you are not the one who is to be blamed. You can easily go to the site so you can book for the test. You can even talk to the consultants if ever that you have queries on how they will perform the test. So instead of worrying too much and having sleepless nights just because you are searching for the truth, it would be better that you take advantage of a lie detector test that can be done in just a short period of time.

Visit Centro de Prueba del Poligrapho For Your Concerns

If you’re going to get a lie detector test done, make sure that you consult the right experts who can do it for you. Gladly, there are professionals who can make sure that you will have a lie detector test done through the means of professional questions, and all you just need to do is to contact them in order to get things planned out.

The centro de prueba del poligrapho can make sure that your concerns can have a path towards its resolution by finding culprits on who did the incident. Here are the following issues that the service can help you:

Family Affairs
The company can make sure that family affairs can be resolved through the means of finding out the culprit behind the issue. The therapists can make sure that the family members will be able to provide answers in regards to the question for them to see if they are lying or not.


Business Problems
Those who are involved with problems such as leakage of trade secrets within the company, or those who created a scandal within the team of employees in the business can finally get their issue resolved with the help of lie detectors.Centro de Prueba del Polígrafo
Theft is one of the main reasons why the service was made in the first place. After all, people will testify and get probed with questions if they didn’t steal anything in the first place. It can also help you find out certain accomplices and witnesses in regards to the theft.



Marriage Issues
There are some marriage issues that the lie detector exams were able to identify, and this is also one of the main reasons why the service existed in the first place. This is also a good way to settle divorce if there’s really an affair within the relationship of two married people.

There’s more to the list than just these, and all you need to do is to consult the therapists and professionals in the service to finally get started. The truth awaits you, and you just need to approach those who can guide you towards it.

Blake Goldring as the Chairman and CEO of AGF

AGF Management Limited is a premier independent management company that operates in different parts of the world like in Canada, Asia, United States, and Europe. The Chairman and CEO of this firm is blake goldring who is from a well-respected family. He became the chairman of AGF in 2006, CEO in 2000, and in 1997 the president of the company. With the performance of Blake, the company was able to acquire $34 billion.

Aside from working as the chairman and CEO of AGF, he is also the chairman of the Canada Company. He created a political organization in 2006 in order to provide support to military leaders and Canadian military. Because of bridging the military and the leaders, he was awarded with the VIMY Award recipient in 2014.

All About Blake

Blake Goldring has his family with three daughters. They live in Canada while they enjoy different outdoor activities such as fishing, tennis, and golf. Listed below are some of the professional contributions of Blake.

  • Member of the WPO
  • Director of the C.D. Howe Institute
  • Member of the Council of Chief Executives in Canada
  • Member of the Toronto Financial Services Alliance

Aside from the contributions listed above, Blake is also involved in different community services like the Toronto Club, Canadian Film Centre, Canada Company, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, United Way of Greater Toronto, and a whole lot more.

He had received various awards such as the following:

  • Arbor Award
  • Award of Merit
  • VIMY Award recipient
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Honorary Doctor of Laws

With all the things that Blake do for his community as well as to his work, he still manage to spend some time with his family. He definitely deserves recognition and award because of being a great person not only to his family but also to the people in Canada.